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This resource guide serves as window to scholarly resources in the area of Chemical Engineering. Resources listed here include those that are accessible through our library and also on the web. It enable you to access from one point, the resources such as books, print and e-journals, popular magazines, databases, theses and dissertations and other web based resources. This guide by no means is a comprehensive list, but serves as a useful starting point. We strive to add newer resources and keep the entire range of resource lists updated from time to time.

We request your active participation in making this resource guide as most useful starting point for scholarly resources in the discipline and request for your comments and suggestions.
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Books on Chemical Engineering
Print Location: Library stack area Some full text available
‚ÄčLibrary has sizable collection of books and reading material on Chemical engineering subject. These books are classified under following Class Numbers: 
Call Number Subject
660 : Chemical engineering
660.2 : General topics in chemical engineering
660.28 : Chemical plants
660.281 : Chemical process design, assembly, control
660.283 : Chemical equipment
660.2842 : Chemical transport phenomena engineering
660.28423 : Mass transfer
660.29 : Applied physical chemistry
660.6 : Biotechnology
660.63 : Biochemical engineering
664 : Food technology
668 : Technology of organic products
669 : Metallurgy

Course Readings
Print Location: Library Circulation Desk Restricted Resource
Library compiles & provides a list of books recommended by the faculty members for courses being taught during a semester. These books are usually placed under Course Reserve- CR  and Short Loan-SL. Such a list of books for the current semester is given here.
DVDs and CDs
Print Location: Library Circulation Desk Restricted Resource
Library has a fast growing collection of CDs and DVDs. This collection is organized separately and are available for viewing inside the library and may also be borrowed (restricted) as per your borrowing privileges. (Link). To browse the list, you may visit here.
Magazines and Newspapers
Print Location: Periodical Section Restricted Resource Some full text available
Library subscribes to good number of periodicals (Journals and Magazines) in print. These periodicals are separately displayed in alphabetical order in the periodical section of the Library. Older issues are available for borrowing as per the circulation privileges. 
The list of these periodicals is available here


Reference books in Chemical Engineering
Print Location: Reference collection

Lide, D. R. (2008). CRC handbook of chemistry and physics: a ready-reference book of chemical and physical data: Handbook of chemistry and physics .(89th ed). Boca Raton: CRC Press.
Call No.: 540.201 LAR Acc. No.: 000355

Goddard, W. A. (2012). Handbook of nanoscience, engineering, and technology .(3rd ed). Boca Raton: CRC Press.
Call No.: 620.5 GOD Acc. No.: 015125

Branan, C. (2005).Rules of thumb for chemical engineers: a manual of quick, accurate solutions to everyday process engineering problems. Boston: Elsevier Academic Press.
Call No.: 666 BRA Acc. No.: 014379


Print Location: Library stack area

Steinberg, M. L., & Cosloy, S. D. (2003). Dictionary of biotechnology and genetic engineering. Universities Press.
Call No.: 660.603 STE Acc. No: 004240

Schaschke, C. (2014). A dictionary of chemical engineering (First edition). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Call No.: 660.03 SCH Acc. No: 024903


Encyclopedias of Chemical engineering
Print Location: Reference collection

Kirk, R. E. ed., (2006). Kirk-Othmer encyclopedia of chemical technology (5th ed.). Hoboken: Wiley-Interscience
Call No.: 660.03 KIR Acc. No.: 000583-000609


Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) Some full text availableopenURL
Provides an access to over 3000 e-books from more than 100 well-known publishers covering almost all disciplines.
Intech open openURL
World’s largest Science, Technology and Medicine Open Access book publisher. 


Indian Science Abstracts

Indian Science Abstracts(ISA) is a semi-monthly abstracting journal which has been reporting scientific work done in India since 1965. Original research articles short communications, review articles, and informative articles published in current Scientific and technical periodicals, as well as Indian standards and thesis are reported in ISA.

PubMed openURL
It is a database primarily of references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics.
Royal Society of Chemistry
A not-for-profit organisation with a heritage that spans 175 years, with over 54,000 members RSC based in UK is committed to promoting, supporting and celebrating inclusion and diversity in the field of Chemistry
SciFinder Restricted Resource
A research discovery tool that allows access to the world most comprehensive literature in Chemistry and allied  disciplines published by Chemical Abstract Service (ACS).
Toxicology Abstracts
Index of articles on issues from social poisons and substance abuse to natural toxins, from legislation and recommended standards to environmental issues. Coverage includes toxicology studies of industrial and agricultural chemicals, household products, and pharmaceuticals. Also addressed are the effects of alcohol and smoking, drug abuse, hydrocarbon studies, nitrosamines, radiation, and radioactive materials. Coverage from 1981 to present.


Chemical Engineering News
Print Location: Chemical Engineering News
  • AIChE Newsletters

  • AIChE Newsletters is published by American Institute of Chemical Engineers.


BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine openURL
Bielefeld Academic Search Engine is a multi-disciplinary search engine to scholarly internet resources.
CiteSeerX openURL
CiteSeerX is scientific literature search engine which indexes over 1.5 million documents and 30 million citations.
CORE: Connecting Repositories openURL
Connecting Repositories aggregate all open access research outputs from repositories and journals worldwide and make them available to the public.
Google Scholar openURL
Google Scholar indexes journal articles, dissertation and theses, books, conference papers and other research materials from around the world.
Microsoft Academic Search openURL
A public search engine for research papers and literature.


Oxford University Press Journal Restricted Resource
Oxford University Press Journal Collection covers over 262 titles encompassing Humanities, Law, Life Science, Mathematics & Physical Science (Engg.), Medicine and Social Sciences. This collection includes journals in the area of Chemistry and related subjects.
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Journals Restricted Resource
RSC, a Scientific publisher of biology, biophysics, chemical science, materials, medicinal drug discovery and physics high-impact journals. Library has access to current collection of journals and back volumnes of last few years.
This is a platform which hosts publications of Elsevier & associates and is a leading full-text database offering journal articles, e-books etc.  Library subscribes to selected list of core titles falling under five major subject collections i.e.: Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics and Astronomy.
Springer Journals
With more than 2,900 journals and 200,000 books, Springer offers many opportunities for authors, customers and partners. With more than 175 years of publishing experience, it emerged as one of the leading scientific publishers. 


Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) Some full text availableopenURL
An online directory that indexes and provides access to 10,000 + high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals covering all disciplines.


ChemRxiv is a free online submission, distribution, and archival service for unpublished preprints in chemistry and related areas. ChemRxiv is operated by the American Chemical Society, a non-profit and the world's largest scientific society, in collaboration with partners.
Preprints - The Multidisciplinary Preprint Platform
Preprints is a multidisciplinary preprint platform dedicated to making early versions of research outputs available, including original research articles and reviews. Content on Preprints is not yet peer reviewed and can receive feedback from readers. Updated versions of manuscripts can be uploaded by authors at any time.


JournalTOCs openURL
JournalTOCs provides table of contents (TOCs) from over 26,000 journals in all subjects. User can search for journals, set the email based alerts, and view the latest TOC for each journal and link to the full text.


A free chemical structure database providing fast text and structure search access to over 58 million structures from hundreds of data sources. It is published by Royal Society of Chemistry.


Ethos: Electronic Theses Online Service (British Library. UK) Some full text availableopenURL
A platform to access theses submitted by most of the UK higher education institutions. Ethos serves as an index to 300,000+ theses for free and order full text quickly and easily. Electronic Theses Online Service (Ethos) offers free access to the limited number of full text of theses.
IndCat : Online Catalogue of Theses openURL
It is an Online Library Catalogues of books, theses and journals available in major university libraries in India.
NDLTD: Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations Some full text availableopenURL
Contains metadata & full text of more than one million electronic theses and dissertations contributed by 125+ member universities & consortia. To visit the Global ETD Search -
Open Access Theses and Dissertations (OATD) Some full text availableopenURL
Indexes  theses and dissertations from well-known sources and provide direct link to the full text ETD.
OpenDOAR openURL
An authoritative worldwide directory of academic open access repositories and provides a quality-assured listing
PQDT OPEN: ProQuest Digital Theses Some full text availableopenURL
Provides access to full text of theses submitted by the researcher himself under open access initiative with PQDT open.
ShodhGanga, India Some full text availableopenURL
A source for theses submitted to Indian universities, which includes biological sciences & engineering.
Theses and Dissertations@IIT Gandhinagar
List of Theses and Dissertations of IIT Gandhinagar


Espacenet openURL
EspacenetSearch for European, US, PCT, Japanese and other worldwide patents.
Free Patents Online openURL
Free Patents Online Covers patents and applications from USPTO, EPO, WIPO and JPL abstracts.


Chemdex is a directory of chemistry resources available on the internet. It covers university departments, learning resources, societies, people etc.
Gives access to articles, books, websites, industry news, job announcements, technical reports and data, e-prints, research, thesis & dissertations, teaching and learning resources in engineering, mathematics and computing.


Learn Chemical engineering
It is a free resource tutorials on chemical engineering & available for all chemical engineers for those seeking tutorials, tests and general information into basic chemistry.


Academic Earth openURL Resource contains video
Academic Earth offers free online video lectures from major universities and colleges. It has comprehensive collection of free online college courses and provides video lectures on humanities and science & technology.
MIT OpenCourseWare - Chemical Engineering
The first chemical engineering curriculum at MIT was offered in 1888 and helped to establish chemical engineering as a discipline. Since then, members of the MIT Department of Chemical Engineering have developed the tools and guidelines to define and advance the field. 
NPTEL Resource contains videoopenURL
NPTEL provides E-learning through online-web and video courses. The mission of NPTEL is to enhance the quality of engineering education in the country by providing free online courseware.


Institute of Chemical Engineers Blog
This blog will promote the importance and contribution of chemical engineering to society in improving quality of life for all. It’s mission is to shine a light on chemical engineering by sharing good news stories, research, topical issues and much more.
Reaction Chemistry & Engineering Blog
The Reaction Chemistry & Engineering Blog updates users with latest posts about new articles in Reaction Chemistry & Engineering journal



AIChE Conferences & Events
AIChE’s conferences and meetings are designed to help you stay current on the latest advances in core areas of chemical engineering, while also covering specific topical areas. Specialty conferences cover emerging and related fields—including process safety, bioengineering, sustainability, and alternative energy.
Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineers
APCChE is a bi-annual conference for the Asian Pacific community of chemical and process engineers and industrial chemists who come together to discuss latest developments in the field, recognise outstanding achievement and share lessons learned.
Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference
The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering ‚Äč(CSChE) organises the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Canada's premier annual conference for chemical engineering.
Canadian Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Conferences
On behalf of its Constituent Societies, the CIC organizes Canada’s premier annual conferences for the chemical sciences and engineering: the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, and the Industrial Chemistry Conference.
Conference series LLC
Conference Series LLC is an open resource platform that conducts 3000+ global events including International Conferences, Workshops, Symposia, Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Science Congresses in all the major scientific disciplines
European Federation of Chemical engineering
The federation conducts events in various areas of study annually
International Conference on Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (ICCBE)
It is being held every year since 2014, the conference is an international forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering interest from around the world.
World congress of chemical engineering
To ensure a high standard of chemical engineering and related science and technology, a World Chemical Engineering Council(WCEC) has been formed which is organising World Congress of Chemical Engineering: WCCE